Recruitment Approach/Techniques

At all times and in every situation, AMC endeavour to achieve their aim in adopting methods of good practice in relation to the entire recruitment process.

Many of our candidates approach us having been referred by friends and colleagues that have been placed by AMC, or who dealt with either Chris or Shirley in their former positions. We also obtain candidates through advertising in the Insurance press, website advertisement and through internet searches.

The first stage in our process for filling any given vacancy is to study and analyse a Job Description and Person Specification forwarded by our Client. At this point, any queries either of a general or technical nature will be discussed with the relevant party.

Advertisements are placed after our candidate base has been fully explored and any possible applicants are spoken to, with their attributes, characteristics and technical skills compared against the documentation provided. Whilst we do have in house databases and a variety of Internet searching facilities available to us, we still prefer to manually sift through all potentially relevant applicants by hand, enabling us to study their experience and making omission of relevant candidates very unlikely.

As responses to advertisements are received, they are initially screened by telephone and thereafter, any potentially suitable individuals are invited to meet with us for a full and in depth interview. We ensure that at this initial stage, information is obtained in relation to reasons for leaving previous employers, salary / package details and the individual’s requirements / preferences for their next role, in addition to ensuring that any gaps in the CV are explained and accounted for.

Interview report forms are completed immediately after the interview. The completion of these forms enables the subsequent analysis of each candidate and an objective comparison against both the Job Description and Person Specification.

In very occasional circumstances when individuals are unable to meet with us – possibly as a result of time constraints or location, arrangements are either made to meet them locally or alternatively, an experienced consultant conducts an in depth telephone interview.

Irrespective of whether an individual has previously registered with us or has applied in relation to a particular advertisement, they are always spoken to about any position for which their details are being forwarded. Provided that all other agencies follow the same procedure, this should prevent doubling up on CVs which obviously takes time for a Client to then sift through, discarding any duplicates.

CVs are forwarded in our own format that is clear and precise, enabling comparison of the experience and qualifications gained by each individual. We understand from our Clients that this proves a valuable tool in deciding which applicants should be called forward for interview.

We provide dedicated and thorough attention to each and every vacancy placed with us and strive to fulfil our Clients’ needs and requirements to the highest level irrespective of whether the position to be filled is of a Junior or Management/Director level. Some vacancies may be filled within a matter of days however the more unusual or specific positions invariably take longer – irrespective of the time scale involved, all positions are treated with the same level of commitment.

Our Client Requirements

A full Job Description and Person Specification is of paramount importance in seeking suitable candidates and successfully filling vacancies.

We retain certain companies’ application forms for completion prior to interview and up to date company literature / brochures / website details for informative reading. This generally assists the candidate in their preparation for interview.

In order for us to maintain a professional and informative approach as far as our candidates are concerned, it is essential that we receive feedback following an interview and ideally on any CV’s forwarded for consideration. We would like to give candidates the courtesy of a decision as soon as possible after an interview.

In Summary

At AMC our aim is to guarantee a dedicated and personal service. We work hard to match the right candidate with the right job first time and in so doing reduce the amount of valuable time that can often be expended during the recruitment process.

We will provide the same level of service to your organisation that is expected, enjoyed and indeed valued by many of our Clients. Quality and high calibre employees will be provided, along with our personal attention at all times. This in turn reflects well on the reputation of both of our organisations.


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